I just fell into this site and was pretty impressed with the abundance of numbers Hustler Money Blog has provided. Want a free $250? Open a Chase Freedom card and spend $500 dollars on it in 3 months. Best balance transfer offers? Bank bonuses for opening account are listed in order from most to least. Have a few extra dollars to put into an easy access savings account? Check out which ones give you the highest APR. The list goes on, check out the Hustler Money Blog and find some ways to stretch your money. 

1) Burn a candle at dinner. Why use electricity? This is also more romantic and calming.

2) Use Natural sunlight. Why turn on a light if a window will give you just as much light.

3) Keep laundry at a minimum. Wear that shirt or pair of jeans a second time if they are still clean.

4) Wear your clothes more than once. If it doesn't smell or look dirty than it can be worn again.

5) Air dry your clothes outside. Fresh smell and big money savings.

6) Use energy efficient light bulbs. 3 energy star bulbs use the same amount of electricity as one conventional bulb.

7) Keep any water use to a minimum: some think water just falls out of the sky, silly people. Well they are right, however its not always free since you use fuel or electricity to pump it to the faucet.

8) Use Programmable  thermostats. This will let you keep and maintain a steady temperature.

9) Take a quick shower. The longer you are in the harder your hot water heater is running or the more oil you are using.

10) Keep a full freezer and refrigerator. The more packed you keep it the less energy it takes to keep everything cool as the food will maintain the coolness.

11) Only use half a napkin.  If you are given less you will use less!
12) Drop your home phone service. If you get service at home, why do you need a land line?