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I have placed a PayPal Donation box in hopes to generate any revenue to help with all the expenses of keeping this site up and running. Please read on....

I never expect anything for nothing as many look for a free hand out.

Over the years I have become the friends and family go to person when something needs to be purchased. I have a knack for making the right purchases at the right time and have saved thousands of dollars spending good old time and Due Diligence on my purchases. I know where to look and what to look for. I have many ways to save you more money on any purchase you are looking for.

I will be offering my service to help you make the right decision on your next purchase or purchases on what ever it may be. Looking to buy a new HD Plasma TV? Let me do the homework for you and guide you to what you should be looking into. Sales jobs in my past have showed me that most consumers are misled and not informed on the purchase they are about to make. Let me help you save your hard earned money. Be Frugal!

1$ per Item I will provide: - Simple steps to make your purchase. - Information e-mailed to you regarding the product you are looking for. - Recommendations where you should purchase. - Sales tips if making an in store purchase. - Coupons or sales for your product.

Buying a new car, electronics, furniture? Let me make your purchase easy!

You will be making your purchase through well know companies like Best Buy, Lowes or Sears? Please post a comment and I will be sure to help you make a smart buy.

"I will find it less expensive than you can or have time to do"


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