Frugal from Breakfast to Dinner - How to save BIG!

Here is a great way to save some money, actually this may be one the the more valuable lessons to take away from being frugal.

What and where do you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner on a regular day? At work I see people buying breakfast at $5.00 dollars a day and lunch for $5.00 to $10.00 dollars. This is everyday so we are talking with the average person I see at work spends $50.00/$100.00 dollars a WEEK!


  • Creating a Shopping List
  • Make on only one trip a week to the grocery store: this will save gas,time and stop one nite dinner stops if you don't feel like cooking to grab a frozen dinner.
  • Use COUPONS: Big money saver
  • Plan meals for the week.
  • Shop with your partner and save time if each of you split the list.
  • Don't limit your self to just one grocery store. If Market basket has a great sale and Shop and Save also has great sales than go to each store if they are close by.

This is ridiculous and not healthy people. Now I don't munch on carrot sticks all day and I eat healthy minus some good old chocolate now and than but I will tell you my total grocery bill per month for my wife and I is under $70.00 and that includes meat,fish vegetables and all my snacks for the week. So while one single non frugal person spends between a whopping $200/400 dollars a month just on lunch and breakfast my frugal self and my frugal wife spend under 280 dollars per month on healthy food.

  • No need to splurge on more expensive name brands: generic is proven to be just as good in some cases.
  • Keep the snacks to a minimum: candy, soda and chips will end up accounting for a good potion of the bill and is by far healthy.
  • Stock up on the sale items: With coupons and sales these sure go along way.
  • Use eco friendly grocery bags: some grocery stores will give 10 cents back on each bag you use.

We have to slow down and look at the dollars we spend. While eating out and at work from the Bistro is easy and may have a big menu I'm able to buy all my food for the week and throw in a few bills like cable and internet for 100 dollars and my electricity bill and you know what? Still I spend less on half my bills and and food than one person eats at out.

Think about this and leave a comment on how you save or could save more money by simply making a grocery list and making your own lunch, its not rocket science and could save you hundreds a MONTH, get those bills paid!!!


  1. Anonymous // March 4, 2009 at 6:52 PM  

    I sit down with my husband on Sundays and plan meals for the week. Then I write down everything I will need for those meals. That is all I buy at the grocery store. Now that I do this, I am saving $60.00 a week!! Love it. Now we use that extra money for date nights!

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