"Going Green" is the new thing to do, are you going Green?

My wife and I have made the first step to the whole Green lifestyle in hopes to help our natural habitat.

We bought the ever so popular eco friendly grocery bags that we can use over and over and not contribute to the massive mountains of plastic already in our landfills.

We paid $1.00 per bag and bought 4 bags from the local TJ Maxx. They are ugly red and not as appealing to the cool "Going Green" bags I found out on the web. The "cooler" bags were not a deal for me, they were charging $2.50 per bag plus $9.00 for shipping (not frugal people).

Another Frugal/Green lifestyle change I have made is by far the hardest. Driving the speed limit. 55mph is now my usual speed, I not only save gas money and get higher MPG but I'm consuming less fuel. With gas finally dropping in price don't think we will ever see under $3.00 per gal.

Try some of these tips and tricks !

  • Keep tires filled to their proper pressure.Use public transportation.
  • Carpool
  • Ride your bike.
  • Use a credit card that gives cash back
  • Pay in cash if there is an incentive
  • Get the most of your car and run it until it dies.
  • Schedule regular maintenance.
  • Coast when you can.
  • Drive the highway route instead of city.
  • Use Cruise control.
  • Keep records of gas mileage and see how what helps and hurts it.
  • Don't let your tank get half empty.

Check out some Green Cars

As you begin to think in this green lifestyle many things can be changed to create less waste.

Check out some of these sites for going green.

Tree Hugger.com

Think Green.com

How are some ways you are going green?


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