Ring tones, games, music and navigation service is not needed. Get rid of it.
  1. Don't go over your minutes.
  2. Just call others in your "In" network so it’s free.
  3. Buy a used phone off Ebay or Craiglist .
  4. Keep you phone in good condition for higher resale value.If you text a lot than buy the text plan, its less expensive per text.
  5. Call during non peak hours, usually after 8-9pm and weekends.
  6. Do not pay for internet! We all have multiple computers around us all the time. Use it at work or at the local library.
  7. Have more than one cell phone in the Household, join the family share plan.
  8. Don't pay for additional insurance.
  9. Go over you plan a lot? Get a prepaid phone.
  10. Use your employee discount. You may have one through your company and not know it.
  11. Always check your bill each month for mistakes.


  1. Anonymous // April 16, 2009 at 3:01 PM  

    Number one is an obvious!! Number two is rediculous that is a marketing scheme and the author of this site fell into it! Why buy a phone if you already have one? and as for the insurance it is cheaper going that route than buying one off the internet everytime it breaks which should be the only reason for buying a new one unless you plan allows for a free upgrade. That process is free which wasn't even mentioned. Peak hours for who? on the road sales people tell them that they would love to hear it!Go over you plan alot... don't buy a prepaid. The solutions is to buy more minutes it is the least expensive option! For an additional 500 minutes is like buying five prepaid phones a month.

  2. Frugal Joe // April 16, 2009 at 4:54 PM  

    Calling out of your network is costing you minutes, minutes you pay for! The more minutes you buy the less each minute costs you is correct however why would we buy more minutes than needed? Everyone's ways to save money are different. I have not bought insurance on a phone for sometime as when I'm due a credit after my 2 year plan is up I will buy a new phone and sell it online for much more and then buy a used "ok" phone. Make a profit and still have a phone.

  3. Unknown // April 22, 2009 at 5:27 PM  

    To anonymous, you're an idiot. If you really break your phone that often, that you have to purchase insurance...you have a problem. This was not intended for an on the road sales person, agent, or representative. If you are worried about your minutes, then you are working for the wrong company Willie Loman!!! Frugal Joe is trying to help peeps out here....help out or move out the way man.

    #1 is not that obvious to many people. Cell phone companies make millions of dollars annually due to the fact that morons like you exceed your minutes. Grow up dawg and educate yourself before you go out there thinking you are intelligent and stuff. Peace

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