Raise your hand if you are one of the millions that have to purchase home owners and car insurance.

How many times have you used your car or homeowners insurance? No one likes to pay for a non tangible item and that is exactly what insurance is. More of a peace of mind and comfort of knowing your covered does not always make you feel better when needing to make that purchase.

If you are frugal or trying to become more frugal this will ease the purchase of insurances. Being a safe driver will help you lower car insurance but it also shows you are less likely to use the car insurance. Most opt for a very low deductible of $500, this deductible is used when you file a claim that would usually be over $500 so you pay that amount and your insurance covers the rest. The $500 deductible will cost you more when buying the policy (vs. a higher deductible amount) as the insurance will cover anything over that amount. If you are a safe driver or have money in the bank to pay for a higher deductible (lets say $2500) you will save a decent amount of money off your policy.

Chose the higher deductible for homeowners insurance also and save more money a year, call your insurance company and ask the price difference. Keep that extra money in your own pocket as the likelihood of needing to use insurance may be very low for you.


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