Friends can be Frugal!

Brakes and rotors were needed on the 2004 accord today. We all know how expensive car repairs are and the dreadful service labor costs are sometimes hard to digest. We shopped around and received two quotes, one from a local garage and one from American Brake service (ABS). Not to my surprise both were priced over $650. with 60-$70 per hour on labor cost a headlight would be $100 to change, not my idea of frugal!

As these prices came up in a conversation with my good pal Jon, he quickly offered to help install the brakes and rotors. I'm not a mechanic and Google can only help so much so doing it myself would have taken all day. With the help of Jon I knew this was a task to take on ourselves.

Jon had an account at Robins Auto parts so we met up and priced out the parts. For the front, brakes and rotors cost $132, free labor; as Jon is a good friend and wanted to help so this was looking like a BIG Frugal savings. Check out this link for help with brakes on an accord.

The install took about an hour for both front rotors and brakes. With just the few right tools this is an easy job to complete yourself. I saved over two hundred dollars !

Remember your resources, with the web at your finger tips you have the ability to learn anything. Before you give away your hard earned money see if you can do the job yourself. If you can't than look onto others as they may help.

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What did you do today that was frugal ?


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