The summers 49-SHCPML is a multi-fuel (corn and cherry pits along with wood) burning pellet stove. "Summers" a Lowes brand name of the stove is also model "10-CPM" at Home depot and TimberRidge "49-TRCPM". This stove by Summers is rated for 2,200 square feet of living space to heat. The Summers model 55-SHP22L is priced at 200 dollar below the 49 model and also claims to heat 2,200sq ft however it is not a multi-fuel and DOES NOT have a ash pan. The lack of ash pan lead to the purchase of the more expensive 49 model. 
Start up :

 (Please watch the DVD included with your stove)  The stove will run for 20 min on wood settings to start the flame. During this time the auger will drop a set amount pellets, after the 20 min it will revert to the settings you have for heat temp and blower speed. Heat and blower settings will go from a low of 1 to a high of 9, the heat setting is not able to go higher than the blower speed although the blower can go higher than the heat setting. The first start up you will need to run for a minimum of 3 hours to "cure" the stove keeping setting at 5 for heat range and 5 for blower.
After start up the stove will run for a few minutes before the blower kicks on. The blower will activate once the temperature of 110 degrees is reached. The glass of the stove gets very hot!  
Heat Output

The first time running the stove we heated the house fairly well on low settings. We have an open concept cape approximately 1200sq feet. Winter has not begun but low temps in the 30's have already begun in September.


My first start up did not go well. The auger was not turning to drop the pellets in the burn box. This lead to the E-2 error on the blower and heat range pad. The issue was due to the hopper lid not pushing down the safety switch to activate the auger. You will hear a click if the safety switch is working properly when you shut the lid.

With the stove off, use 5/16 wrench to remove the 4 screws seen around the auger safety switch. Pull the safety switch out being careful not to disconnect any wires. Using a pair of needle nose pliers carefully bend the flat metal near the buttons end making the button become higher. Replace the safety switch and line up the screw holes. Make sure the switch is not bent to much making it so the the safety part is also on, this needs to click when the lid is shut.

Noisy Blower

This stove does have a blower. I have read many concerns with noisy blowers and to those who have never owned or grew up with a wood stove this may seem noisy. Blowers do make noise and I have been working on making this stove more quite. Use a 5/16 socket to tighten all the bolts you can see. Be careful not to over tighten as these bolts do not have nuts on the other side, this will cut down vibrations. I purchased locking nuts and used them to tighten the 4 bolts you see when the back panel is removed that are located on the bottom of the stove, this helped a lot with rattling noises when the blower kicked on.

Smoke Smell

This is a wood burning stove, smoke smell will be apparent in the house. It is faint and a cozy smell to us northerners. Make sure you piping is locked and sealed with Hi temp silicone. Check the blower outlet to make sure the hose clamp is tight and you have also used silicone on this connection. I think the smell is inevitable but if installed properly it will be low.

Cleaning the Glass

The glass will become pretty dirty just after one use. It's not a big deal but it is nice to have a clean glass. Only clean when the stove if off and the glass is room temp. Do not use Windex as you may disturb the glass appearance and leave a fog. A Story from a HVAC installer I know told me that a customer went to clean the glass with Windex while the glass was still hot and she sprayed the glass and it shattered resulting in burns and cuts.

Customer service

You are calling within the USA!!!
Technical Support Line: (800) 245-6489

So far great! I called to explain some silicon was pealing inside the hopper and they sent me a tube of hi temp black silicon that came in the mail 3 days later. Very friendly and helpful, nice people.

*Remember to use a Carbon Monoxide alarm in the same room.

Specs are as followed:

Wood or Pellet Burning:Pellet
BTU (BTU):52000
Heating Area (Sq. Feet):2200.0
Hopper Capacity (Cu. Feet):1.25
Ash Drawer:Yes
EPA Approved:Yes
UL Safety Listing:Yes
CSA Safety Listing:Yes
ETL Safety Listing:Yes
Pedestal Base:Yes
Brick-Lined Firebox:No
Air Wash System:Yes
Warranty:Limited 5-Year
Fuel Capacity (lbs.):50.0
Auto Ignition:Yes
Touch Pad Controls:Yes
Outside Air Kit:Yes
Built-In Variable Speed Blower:Yes
Catalytic/Non Catalytic:Non Catalytic


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