If you have a phone that can browse the web and receive photo messages you may be at risk for unexpected cell phone bills. Verizon wireless charges $1.99 per mb a data you use on the phone. Using data can range from a visit to download a "free" trial game or download a ring tone. A megabyte of data is very small so a few trips to the application store and you are going to have a hefty unexpected addition to your bill.

Text/Pix messaging is also a way to have a higher than expected monthly. As you have no control of receiving a Pix message that uses data to download you will be charged $.25/pix  and .20/text you receive and send.

Avoid these charges by

  • Paying extra a month for a data plan (3G phones require a data pack).
  • Have Verizon block the internet on your phone so you cannot incur any data usage. All my phones are blocked from the web to keep the charges non existent.

The phone's that now require a data pack are:                                          

  • LG Env3, Touch, Chocolate, VX8360
  • Motorola Rival, Entice
  • Samsung Rouge, Alias2 
  • Nokia Twist

 Dial *611 from your Verizon phone or (800) 922-0204 and request your phone be block from using data and received Pix messages.


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