Deeper thoughts on saving Electricity 

It seems to be an up hill battle to lower the cost of living now days. Fighting back will not only save you money but the victory of saving money is priceless.

Go beyond the thoughts of consciously keeping track of turning off lights when leaving a room or turning the TV off when not watching it. How many of your electrical devices are plugged in all day? Coffee pot? Cell phone charger? stereo system? Digital photo frame?

The list can seem endless when you start to think about it. How many of these devices have a light glowing or standby light on right now? Even though you are not using them electricity is running from the outlet, through the cord and all the way to your device. This is using unnecessary electricity every second plugged in. Why pay for electricity you are not using?My entire entertainment room is plugged into a surge protector, in the morning I just unplug the surge protector from the wall and I know everything is unplugged.

Go around the house now and unplug "it". Start watching your bill drop in price and save money every day.

Good luck!


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