In my early sales career in retail I was lucky enough to work with a motivated sales team. My sales lessons started in my first retail job at Best Buy (BBY). Being new to the team and my first sales job I needed to learn and learn fast. My first task after the basic "how to approach customers" was to get three "no's" from the customer before walking away. As I was selling TV’s my main questions were "How would you be paying for this today?", "Can I check the stock for you to see if it is available?" and "can I show you the accessories needed for your TV?" I would try get customers to say YES any possible way. “The weather is beautiful isn't it?” “You have nice taste in TV’s, do you watch a lot of sports?” getting them to say yes pushed my way into a sale as they were now comfortable with saying yes.

I believe in the technique not only for sales but for many situations on the other side of the sales side. For instance, say you call your local cable company and ask for any promotions, they quickly reply no. Your follow up to that should be similar to "well I have been receiving lower offers from competitors, are you able to provide me some sort of discount?" If another "no" is received than your last resort is to threaten to cancel service, of course you don't need to cancel even though you threaten but it will show them you mean business. Hopefully you don't need to get the third "no" but don't' stop until you get there. Use this for buying vehicles or larger purchases as well.

All too often people will accept the first no when making deals. Train yourself for 3 and you will land more deals and save more money then ever before.

If you’re buying you hold the power, if you’re selling than you need to find the YES behind the NO. There is always a YES. Just dig deep and find it.

Helpful sales Books you can use to change your sales mentality. 

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  1. Anonymous // August 25, 2010 at 6:38 AM  

    I found this to be very true and good advise.Making sales is not easy but keeping this in perspective makes it easier.It used to be to keep a good smile and approach with the customer but with so much done on line you have to find other ways to turn things your way.

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