Oxygenics Low Flow  60120 SkinCare Shower-head

The purchase was made due to the over usage of water during showers and low water pressure. The installation was very easy, twist off your old shower-head, clean the threads on the pipe, wrap new Teflon tape over the threads and then twist on the Oxygenics.

First impressions of this shower-head (in use) were impressive for the cost. The water pressure was noticeably more, the same experience you get while in more fancy hotels. Enough pressure for rinsing longer hair, quickly as well.
Oxygenics 60120 SkinCare Showerhead, Chrome

Priced at $16.41 on amazon the cost of this would be saved in the first months usage, cutting the water usage by 30% or more. Old shower heads don't have the ability to change the pressure and run above average Gallons per minute (GPM).  Now with the ability to lower the water pressure while soaping up you can turn down the GPM all the way down to a .5 drizzle. Ready to rinse?  Turn the pressure all the way up to only 2.5 GPM and blast the soap away. Big savings, both with money and water conservation make this a true frugal buy.


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