Introducing a baby into the family is the best feeling in the world but it comes with many responsibilities and your personal needs must be put aside. 

My worries of financially affording a child was a constant thought. Food, diapers and clothes, I heard many times no one is financially ready for a child. The not knowing of expenses gets to people who are truly frugal, it makes you wonder.

Before my daughter was born the topic of diapers were mentioned by many. " Have fun affording diapers" and "potty train her quick" were comments on a regular biases. It made me think, gezz... really how many diapers are we going to need and how many will she go through? Our plan of attack on the diaper situation was creative, we didn't look into cloth diapers and we knew potty training was not instant. The baby shower invitations included for all to bring one package of diapers size new born to 3. The collection of diapers from this was outstanding, we had been given enough diapers to last nearly a year. Thought that time we would also buy diapers along the way because we never wanted to run low, diapers on sale or coupons we had received from going to the different diaper websites. If you can afford to buy bulk do so, we bought many diapers from Amazon, saved us on gas and traveling with a baby! We literally saved hundreds of dollars.

Over this time we were able to try many brands for day and night time diapers. Our best luck and priced diapers for day time are generic Wal Mart brand. Of course you need to change them after ever "pip" and "poop" so why spend more? As our daughter got older and drank more fluids night time diapers were important, as we only use one night time diaper a night generally Pampers is used or maybe Huggies depending on coupons. Remember to check the amount of diapers in the package, you don't always get the same about from each brand.

If you are planning a child and are worrying about diapers, start at the baby shower and the rest is up to you. You can do it and you can afford it, just be smart about it.


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