Are your regular routines costing you more than you think? Sometimes we over look our daily expenses that cost our budget.

Lets begin waking up to the dreaded alarm clock, you roll out of bed and pick out your clothes for the day and probably head to the shower (From here lets focus on each routine as if you were paying out of pocket for it).

Here is the first place you can start to save yourself money $$. Of course the time you spend in the shower will have a direct impact on your heating and water bills.
  • Take a 10min or less shower.
Do you have a hot water tank? Dial down the temperature to 120 degrees.

So after your 10 min shower (or less) lets move onto your day:

Before you are ready to head to work lets think about breakfast. Expecting to pick up breakfast on the way to work? Ouch, either you have to much money or this just could be another great place to save BIG each day.
  • You could spend $3-5 dollars a day for breakfast out and spend $100/month or
  • Spend $6 a week for cereal and milk, even toss in a few bagels =$30/month and save $70.00 a month. Now that's frugal!
  • Make your coffee or tea at home and save more 2-$4 dollars a day saved is another 40-$80 dollars a month!
  • More ways to save on Eating and Food
On the drive to work:
  • Try and maintain a speed of 55 or under to and from work, you will consume less gas.
  • Take it easy on the breaks and speeding up to fast, another big gas guzzler!

Now that your work day is over it's time for chores at home.

  • Dishes - If you have a double sink, load one side with the dirty dishes, as you clean them put them on the opposite side. Don't let the water constantly run, turn it on and off as needed. Rinse all the washed dishes and put them on the rack to dry.
  • Laundry, use cold or cold/hot feature to consume less hot water that again uses gas or electricity to run. Than air dry your clothes. 
This consists of a frugal day! Many ways to save money throughout a very regular day. Following this frugal day outline will save you as much as $400 a month!!!


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