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  • - An abundance for anything finance related. Track interest rates on car loans to mortgages and guidance on debt management and college finance can all be found here. A primary favorite of mine!
  •  - Looking for a great deal? Find them here both locally and on the web. A conglomerate of frugal price hunters sharing their special price finds and possible price mistakes. 
  • - A daily check in the morning can save you a couple bucks at the pump today. Type in your zip code and find the lowest price gas cost in your area. 
  • - Part of being frugal is being handy and learning how to do things on your own. DIY (Do It Yourself Network) has many videos and articles to show you how to do just about anything.   
  • - Being healthy saves money and should not cost you much more than less than 30 minutes a day. A great site for the easy ins and outs of ways to be more healthy. Less doctor visits, feeling better and more confident can go a long way to your budget.


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