Generating back links for Bloggers can be challenging however they expand our popularity on the web so they are very important. A back link is a simple web address such as that is placed in an easy to follow code. Once your code is placed in others blogs that is a back link to your website. The more blogs and sites that have your link in them the more traffic can flow to your website.   These 3 simple steps will create yourself a back link code and Lets be Frugal will Link with you.

1) Generate. This generated code is the actual back link for Let's be Frugal. The Red will be replaced with your own information 

<a href="" title="Lets Be Frugal is daily frugal Blog
with quality content. Find out easy ways to save money daily, for any visitor a savings can be found">LetsBeFrugal</a>
<br>Lets Be Frugal is daily Frugal idea Blog with quality content. Find out easy ways to save money daily. For any visitor a savings can be found.

 2) Create a new page or use an existing Link page and enter the HTML the code above. It will convert to a link and the description of the blog. You have now linked to my site once published. Now in return I will create a link to your page in step 3.

3) Complete the following code with entering your site info and e-mail it to I will create a bank link to your site and it will allow my visitors to visit your page, a great SEO optimization.

Thanks for linking!


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