Protecting your computer will no longer cost a dime. For free you can keep it running as fast as the day you took it home. Thousands of programs are available to download at your expense that will assist with maintaining computer performance but there is no need to afford it. I have had my share of computer issue's and intrusions like anyone else but for the past 5 years I have been issue free.
The gimmick of the free computer scan is notorious, don't use and and never click on it. Any time you click these gimmicks you are shown your computer has Trojans, worms and security breeches which are false accusations than pushing you to buy the program. Don't even bother trying these. After all, I have come across some free legit programs you can download to keep your computer running smooth. Read the reviews and try them out. I run each of the programs below once a week to maintain performance and clear the "junk".

Spy Bot Search and Destroy is a free Spy ware and Ad-ware removal program with many other blockers included. A user friendly program that is a must have for any computer owner. Capable with any OS from Windows 95 to Windows 7. Further review here at Wikipedia.

                                                     Download Here (donations are welcome but not necessary)

CCleaner - is a computer optimizer, from registry cleaning to history deleting. Don't waste your time or money with other costly computer enhancers. Maintain your computers performance with this easy to use tool that is free. Rated a 5 of 5 from CNET reviews !

Read reviews and download right from CNET.

Video Tutorial 

Registry Mechanic - Your registry, for those not aware is the storage of your systems database hierarchy. A main component to the "back system" which stores configuration settings for your computer. Another high scoring CNET review of 4.5 and voted by over 10,000 users.

Read reviews and download right from CNET.

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These 3 cleaning and maintenance programs are all you need  to keep you free from harm Paired with a good anti virus program you will have no worries. I use Zone Alarm, ditched Norton years ago!


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