Being apart of one of the largest Social Media websites the internet has ever seen has opened doors to thousands of opportunities. One of those opportunities for Bloggers FREE advertisement. You can drive huge traffic to your site with some basic linking of your blog to Facebook. 

1) First and foremost you must create a Fan Page - This is going to be your landing page to advertise your blog on Facebook.(Tip) When setting up your fan page name it the same name as your website ex. This will automatically be registered to your viewers as a website to visit.
2) Follow the above steps and create some content on your page. Once you are happy with your Fan page invite all of your friends. Try and capture your audience and get them to post on your page. Than reach out to a couple close friends and ask them to invite their friends to the page. Look at this as multi level marketing, the more you reach out and get invites to join the more of their friends will notice they are fans of your page and may visit. It keeps growing and growing. 

3) Now link you blog to Facebook. Many widgets have been created for you to do so. The most useful is the Like Button.

- Like Buttons (Blogger Stop) The like button is for visitors reading your blog. With the like button on your blog posts your readers can like your post. When your posts are liked that reader will have noted on their Facebook page saying they "liked" you blog post. This will open your opportunities for all of their fiends to visit you blog. 

- Many other Facebook Widgets can be found on Widgets Lab


  1. Pennsylvania Electricity // April 26, 2011 at 9:06 AM  

    I think everyone now has an account in facebook. And that is why driven with opportunities.

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