Here are some tips and tricks to making both a frugal and smart purchase.

Let's base this shopping technique on larger items , TV's and garden equipment for example. First and for most asses your needs and wants of the item you are buying. What fits you the best?

-Do your homework on the item you want. Research, review and ask questions.
  • Where is it sold?
  • Will you buy online and from whom?Visit Better Business Bureau for smaller sites online you haven't heard of as some smaller sites can be a hassle to buy from. 
  • Is there a better product that's not much more money?
  • What is the resale of this product if you were to sell it?
  • READ REVIEWS than read..... MORE REVIEWS. See what other consumers are saying about the product.
  • Purchase if you have the cash on hand and only take advantage of no interest financing if you already have the cash. Keep the money in your bank not the business you are buying from.
  • Look for coupons or special offers/sales.

- Buying in a store? Here is where you can save big.
  • Always shop competitively.
  • If one store has it less expensive than go to the competitor and give them a shot to beat the low price. Best Buy, Sears and others will price match plus give 10% of the difference back to you.
  • Making a larger purchase? Speak to the manager direct, I have done it over and over again. They need to hit numbers and will not want to lose a sale. 
  • Stores will match their online price and online prices change quite quick sometimes. So print it out!
  • Most larger retailers will math their lowest price 30 days prior and 30 days after the purchase has been made. I saved $120.00 after the purchase of my HD TV just for looking for price changes.

This list should be compiled and made a routine when you make most all purchases. Keep you items clean and in good condition. Never throw away the boxes and manuals if you intent to resell the item in the future, this will get you top dollar when you may be looking to upgrade.


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