If your in the market for an efficient condensing boiler and instant hot water than Baxi Luna could be the best boiler around. It is a great boiler that can save you space in your basement and wallet.

The HT-380 model is a very efficient (98%) gas/propane boiler which qualifies for the tax rebate up to 30%. It produces 32,804 to 112,601 btu’s for both domestic hot water and hot water for heating and can be mounted right to your wall. It's even approved to be mounted in a closet. This is a direct vent boiler that uses one PVC type pipe to exhaust and intake cold air. For more specs please see the link list below

The Baxi Luna HT-380 was installed this past spring and has preformed as expected. It has taken place of our older 40 gallon water tank which has saved money monthly on electricity and is conveniently mounted to the wall. Plastic Pex pipe 3/4inch was used to run pipes through the house for 1st and 2nd floor zones. 4 zones are being run by the Baxi. 2 zones are 1/2inch pex pipe run between floor joists in the basement to radiant heat the floors in the bathroom and kitchen. Please make sure your HVAC installer is Baxi certified. The baxi system is very technical to set and adjust and must be done correctly. 

My Experience: With cold months approaching and a new heating system to be installed I was faced with the duty of the choosing new boiler. For me, this meant a lot of research. During the due diligence I was faced with many options and opinions and new terminology.I had no knowledge of boilers at all! Spending countless hours reading reviews, talking to installers and keeping in mind budget constraints it seemed at time no less than frustrating. So from my experience to you knowing limited information about this boiler is online; this may help you make your decision for a new boiler. 

Here you will find install pictures:

Links to manuals and review sites.

Full Specifications 

What qualifications your installer must have:

Your installer must be Baxi certified for your safety and proper set up. Online training or classroom training is very

important as these boilers have many settings that must be exact. Your installer should also have a ********* to test the

efficiency of your boiler and adjust fan speeds for proper use.

Review Links:

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Installation pictures:


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