Irving has introduced a fuel discount for their customers living in New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont. Those who qualify will receive a reduced bill of 10 cents off per gallon of oil or propane if you pay your bill with in 10 days of your filling. The projected savings discount will be noted on your bill if you plan to take advantage.

To qualify you cannot be receiving any other discounts on fuel and will not qualify if you're currently on a budget payment plan. As well, at the time the bill is received you must have a zero balance on you account. You can still have the option of automatic delivery or call for fill service. I would recommend automatic fill as it will than be Irving's responsibility to keep you filled up.  This is an on going program that is not just for first time customers.

Make sure you are getting the best price for fuel and keep in mind, the more fuel you consume and are projected to use the less you pay per gallon. This year we are using propane for heating and hot water vs our "removed" pellet stove so our consumption will be much greater. When our tanks were filled this year for the first time since last we were billed $3.08 per gallon. Knowing that was a high price I called Irving to question. They had based our fuel consumption from the prior year which was very low. Now since our projected consumption is 800 to1,000 gallons our rate dropped to $2.65. On top of that the new discount of .10 cents per gallon we will pay $2.55.

So if you are a NH, ME or VT resident and use fuel from Irving, call to qualify. 1-888-310-1924


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