When keeping a frugal mind around your home expect big savings in lots of small places.

Keep use of electricity to a minimum:

Before bed unplug all unused electrical items from the wall, why? Even though your TV may not be on the power is still coming from the wall running to your TV. Cut this electricity off at the wall and save it from running all the way to your TV and other unused equipment.

Use Natural sunlight, why turn on a light if a window will give you just as much light.

Keep laundry at a minimum. Wear that shirt or pair of jeans a second time if they are still clean. If it doesn't smell than it can be worn again.

Air dry your clothes outside.

A gross saying that I don't follow is "if its yellow let it mellow, if it's brown flush it down" take this for what it's worth.

Use energy efficient light bulbs.
Keep any water use to a minimum: some think water just falls out of the sky, silly people. Well they are right, however its not always free since you use fuel or electricity to pump it to the faucet.

Electrical thermostats will let you keep and maintain a steady temperature.

Take a quick shower: the longer you are in the harder your hot water heater is running or the more oil you are using.

Keep a full freezer and refrigerator: The more packed you keep it the less energy it takes to keep everything cool as the food will maintain the coolness.

A family trait ** Only use half a napkin ** If you are given less you will use less!

Don't use the dishwasher: take a few moments and fill the sink with warm water and clean them yourself.

Why have a land line and a cell phone? If you get reception at home than cut off your phone service.

Wireless internet? see if you can pull off a neighbors signal for free! This is not stealing if the source is open.

Paying over $100 a month for cable: why? Use an antenna and get the free local channels.
Insulate your hot water tank with a insulator wrap.

Insulate your water pipes.

Using old appliances that are not energy savers can keep high energy cost coming in.

Play board games not video games.

Burn a candle at dinner, why use electricity? This is also more romantic and calming.

Keep your shoes off in the house, this will create less time spent cleaning and vacuuming.

Wear sandals during nice weather. Not needing socks saves on laundry.

Use a window fan and not an A/C. Ac's use quit a bit of electricity and are expensive.

Buy meats in bulk and vacuum seal portions. This keeps a full freezer and lots less trips to buy meat. Lower cost per pound when you buy in bulk!

For cold months:

Better windows during cold months will keep your heat bill lower.

During those cold months keep and maintain a temperature that is comfortable and not over 75 degrees.
Dress in layers while home.

Keep the heat colder while sleeping, most people sleep better while cooler than more warm.

Burn natural wood.

Alternative heating is now very popular, look into pellet stoves.

I hope this list saves lots of your money and time. Please feel free to add a money saving idea that you use.


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