EBay has become less popular due to this very large online yard sale. That's what Craigslist (CL) is all about, folks like you and I buying/selling and trading, anything and everything. You can even solicit your handyman skills or business, need a job? It has that also.

We all have tons of stuff around the house collecting dust right? Attic full of old baseball cards or antiques you have never used? This is money sitting around your house, sell it!

Their is no money involved to join or browse Craig’s list you don't even have to pay to post a sale or even pay when you sell any item. Far different from EBAY which you will have fees to post your ad, fees when your ad sells and even fees to give your ad a BOLD text.

Let me point out the few differences between Craig’s list and eBay:

EBAY is more like you working for someone Else's business:

  • You pay fees for each item listed.
  • You Pay fees for each item sold.
  • You pay a percentage of you sold items back to eBay.
  • You have to configure shipping cost.
  • You have to join Paypal to move funds when selling to be secure.
  • The best deals are not on eBay, if you take your time to search online you will find lower prices and more reputable sources to buy from.
  • This is a bidding service so you are in competition for your wanted item. (unless you use the buy it now feature)
  • You have a deadline to sell your item up to 10 days. If it's not sold you will have to repay certain fees and start over.


  • You can review feedback from other sellers and buyers before making a purchase.
  • You never have to meet the person you are buying/selling from.
  • You have a larger market for doing business which means faster and higher sales (maybe).
  • If you end up buying something that was falsely advertised you have options. You can file a complaint, leave negative feedback and report dishonest sellers or buyers.

Summing up EBAY - Your target market is larger however your expected fees will be 100% more than Craig’s list. If you do not feel comfortable meeting in person to make a sale than EBAY is the place to do business.

Now lets take a look at Craigslist :


  • Completely Free to buy sell and trade, even vehicles!
  • Your target market is where you live.
  • Add multiple photos of what you are selling at no charge.
  • No bidding, if your seller accepts than you go meet and make the deal.
  • You set the price for your item you are selling.
  • You meet your buyer/seller in person. This can be a CON for some.
  • I will answer any questions you may have about Craig’s list.


  • Smaller target market.
  • You are on your own with any issues, you may get scammed lose money or buy something that was falsely advertised.
  • You meet in person.
  • Be very careful with scams, if it's too good to be true..... it is!

Save money, make a good old hand shake transaction and clear out your basement, attic or garage. Money is to be made and this is an easy way to do it!


  1. Anonymous // March 21, 2009 at 1:52 PM  

    You're totally right on! I have been selling on Ebay for a couple of years now and the fees and shipping almost make it not worth the effort. Unless you are selling high end items such as clothing, handbags, etc.., Craigs List is definately the way to go!! Good advice!

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