At war with your finances? Can't make your car payment? Thinking what ever are you to do being in one of the worst recessions in history?

1 0f 10 Americans are laid off and fighting to keep their heads above water. These are crucial times that need to be fought through. Lets take a step back and look over where we are in life. Are you a homeowner? If so, this is goal number one to up with the mortgage. Tally all of your monthly expenses, I'm willing to bet you can save at least $150 a month!

Lets start with going over that list you just created. Wants and Needs..... for a quick refresher, Needs are Food, Water, Shelter and clothes. Everything else, well you can guess it as they are all WANTS. Put these items first on your chopping block, Cable TV (save 50 to 130 a month), Internet if it is not necessary or if you have available at work. Your savings will depend on how much you cut or trim out of your wants.


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