Online Savings are BIG

So lets face it, the bank account is looking grim and you get a zero dollar raise at work along with no bonuses. We are forced to find ways to stretch our dollars as far as we can.

Lets start where your money is, the bank. Do you know how much your local bank is paying YOU to hold YOUR money? Most local banks will pay under 1%!!! So you will make $1 for $100 you keep in the bank. Want more free money than that ? Take a look at high yield savings account. I personally use HSBC Direct . They offer a %2.45 APY so now you will earn $2.45 on each $100 you have in the bank each month! I have no gripes so far with HSBC, easy banking and always secure. You pay no fees and there is no minimum to save.
Keep you local checking at your in town bank and use the online high yield to maintain your savings, out of site out of mind. Your money is safe and growing each month, start with $10 or a few thousand and watch it grow !


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