13) Wireless internet? see if you can pull off a neighbors signal for free! This is not stealing if the source is open. (caution, some do not approve). One of the best routers is Linksys by Cisco WRT54GL Wireless-G Broadband Router (Compatible with Linux)

14) Paying over $100 a month for cable? Use an antenna and get the free local channels as these are most watched anyhow.

15) Insulate your hot water tank with a insulator wrap. Your tank will hold heat better

16) Insulate your water pipes. Use Duck Pipe Wrap Insulation 3"w X 1/11 " thick X 25'long. Harder to freeze and keeps water warm longer.

17) Old appliances that are not energy savers can keep high energy cost coming in.

18) Play board games not video games. game system are too expensive.Monopoly 
Electronic Banking Edition

19) Unplug all unused electrical items from the wall. Even though your TV may not be on the power is still coming from the wall running to your TV. Cut this electricity off at the wall and save it from running all the way to your TV and other unused equipment.

20) Keep your shoes off in the house. this will create less time spent cleaning and vacuuming.

21) Wear sandals during nice weather. Not needing socks saves on laundry.

22) Use a window fan and not an A/C. Ac's use a lot of electricity and are expensive.

23) Buy meats in bulk and vacuum seal portions. This keeps a full freezer and lots less trips to buy meat. Label and date your portions to keep track of age. Lower cost per pound when you buy in bulk!

24) Upgrade your windows. Better windows during cold months will keep your heat bill lower.

25) Cover window drafts with plastic. Small drafts can cool a house 10 to 15 degrees.

26) Keep a steady heat temperature. During those cold months keep and maintain a temperature that is comfortable and not over 75 degrees.

27) Dress in layers while home during winter, keeps you warmer and you use less heat.

28) Lower thermostat while sleeping. most people sleep better while cooler than more warm.

29) Burn natural wood.

30) Alternative heating is now very popular. Look into pellet stoves.

Save on your Grocery Bill

31) Make a List! Stick to it. 

32) Plan your meals from the sales flier. Keeps cost lower and new meals weekly. 

33) Shop the perimeter of the store as the more healthy food resides there.

34) Manager Special meats and previously frozen meats are usually cheaper.

35) When you hit a good sale, buy more!

36) Make a budget and stick to it no matter what. Not a dollar more.

37) Afford produce and check your list and get rid of the things you don't need. Produce is more important.

Cut coupons. Save up to 30% your bill looking for coupons. Learn how with The Coupon Mom's Guide to Cutting Your Grocery Bills in Half: The Strategic Shopping Method Proven to Slash Food and Drugstore Costs 

39) Buy only things you need.

40) Don't buy junk food or soda.

41) Don't let the food go bad and use it all.

42) Freeze leftovers.

43) Eat leftovers for lunch.

44) Don't eat out of boredom find something else to do.

45) Shop closest to home.

56) Don't shop before eating. 

57) Shop on a full stomach. Going on a hungry stomach leads to unneeded purchases.

58) Buy Store Brands, most are just as good.

59) Name brand foods with coupons can still be more expensive
Lower and higher shelves have lower prices; eye level products are in place for insight purchases.

60) Do not buy already frozen canned or boxed meal, they are more expensive and have a high sodium content.

61) Take a rain check on that big sale item for next week.

62) Wal-mart does not always have better prices, actually on food they are more expensive

63) Shop when most others wont be. Also skipping isles saves time.  Less time = more money saved. "Time is money".

64) Discounted food in the back of the store has dented cans sometimes half off.

65) You can pay on credit card and get cash back. Only do this when you set your limit of grocery. How You Can Profit from Credit Cards: Using Credit to Improve Your Financial Life and Bottom Line

66) Always pay your credit card off each month.

67) Check the `going out of date` shelf in the super market

Electric Bill

68) Being aware of your usage needs to become a habit. Turning off lights when not in a room or just opening the fridge or freezer less often will reduce your bills.

69) Compact fluorescent lamps (CFL's). These use a 3rd less electricity.

70) Energy-efficient appliances. Along with tax rebates these save lots of energy.

71) Programmable thermostats. Keep temps lower while not home and sleeping. Use the timer.

72) Unplug Lights and TV's not being used from wall.

73) Turn Lights off if not using them. Even leaving the room for 10seconds you can save electricity.

74) Use Natural Sun Light. Open a shade or curtain.

75) Use Solar outdoor lights for walk way or motion lights.

76) Shut down the computer at night, and sleep mode during the day.

77) Use auto payments to pay  your credit card, less time paying bills and no stamps to be used.

78) Be aware of how much you use and try to consume less each month.

79) Don`t leave the TV on when you have watched what you want to watch.

Cooking and Baking

80) Cover all food being cooked with proper lid, this reduces cook time. Lower heat to prevent over usage & boiling over or burning
81) Don't preheat oven longer than needed.
82) If using the oven try to cook as much as possible in it to maximize heat usage.
83) Use the microwave when ever possible as it consumes much less energy.
84) Refrigerator/ Freezer

Refrigerator/ Freezer
85) Only open for quick amounts of time.
86) Keep freezer and refrigerator full as this helps insulate.
87) Defrost freezer if ice build up occurs..
88) Keep refrigerator and freezer away from heat sources like stove and out of direct sun light.
89) Check for cold air leaks and replace seal if needed.
90) If you will not be using for a long period of time than unplug and and empty.

Cable Bill
- If you insist on having cable :

91) Take the package deal! (At the end of the term be sure to keep an eye on your bill, it will be going up).
92) At the end of your contract tell them you are switching to a new provider unless they can match a deal.
93) Only request certain channels, don't pay for channels you don't watch.
94) Usually satellite providers are less expensive. Direct TV and DISH Network
95) Trial periods are usually offered, make this request!
96) Always negotiate a lower price!
97) Use rabbit ears or a powered indoor/outdoor antenna with your digital TV.
98) Switch from one provider to the next and use the new customer deals until the expire, than switch back.
99) Don't pay for HBO, use Net Flix to catch all of your late night shows and seasons.
Question any fees on your bill you are not aware of.

Cell Phone Bill
Ring tones, games, music and navigation service is not needed. Get rid of it.

100) Don't go over your minutes.
101) Just call others in your "In" network so it’s free.
102) Buy a used phone off Ebay or Craiglist .
103) Keep your phone in good condition for higher resale value.If you text a lot than buy the text plan, its less expensive per text.
104) Call during non peak hours, usually after 8-9pm and weekends.
105) Do not pay for internet! We all have multiple computers around us all the time. Use it at work or at the local library.
106) Have more than one cell phone in the Household, join the family share plan.
107) Don't pay for additional insurance.
108) Go over you plan a lot? Get a prepaid phone.
110) Use your employee discount. You may have one through your company and not know it.
111) Always check your bill each month for mistakes.
112) Most dealers have clearance cell phones or have daily deals.

Water Bill
Meter your water usage and find other easy ways to cut back on your water bill.
113) When rinsing dishes use the spray as the faucet will use more and cover less dish.

114) Go to your water company website to see discounts on products that use less water.
Only use the dish washer when full.

115) Save Gray water! Gray water is water wasted in times for example you wait for the hot water to run in the shower, Save this water and use it for boiling, watering flowers or
watering your garden.

116) The old saying " If it's yellow let it mellow, if it's brown flush it down"
117) Take showers instead of baths.
118) Time your showers, than reduce that time by 5 minutes or more.
119) Turn water off when not using it.
120) Do larger loads of laundry less frequently.
121) Check for any leaks.
122) Buy an instant hot water heater. Much more efficient and instant hot water. Look for tax rebates on these.
123) When it rains have buckets outside to use for future garden watering.
124) Always be conscious of the water usage, being aware saves gallons a day.
125) Does your shower head leak or drip?
126) Have an old toilette? Purchase a fill cycle diverter for under 1 dollar and save a 1.2 gallon per flush. It will refill your tank quicker using less water.

127) Keep buckets outside when it rains, save for later use to garden.
128) Buy a smaller diameter hose maybe 5/8 instead of 3/4 to allow less water to pass.
129) If washing your vehicle, do a quick rinse, fill a bucket to use for soap and water and than quickly rinse. Pressure washers may work better but your carbon imprint will be much less if using a hose and nozzle.

130) Repair any leaky faucets.
131) Sort washer loads by weight and fabric type for efficiency.
132) Wash clothes only when a full load is ready.
133) Dry only fulls loads.

Heating Bill
134) Use programmable Thermostats.
135) Energy efficient Boilers and water heaters.
136) Burn Wood.
137) Use a pellet Stove, most cost effective heating source available.
138) When it's sunny keep the window shades up.Redi Shade 1617201 Black Out Pleated Shade 36-by-72-Inch, 6-Pack
139) Dress in layers during winter months to stay warmer.
140) Keep doors closed where rooms may not be used much.
141) Turn Heat off during months its not needed.
142) Make sure your home has up to date insulation in walls.
143) After cooking dinner open the stove door and let the heat disperse.
144) Use an electric blanket (please do reviews before buying). Biddeford Electric Blanket - Blue (Twin)
145) Government assistance may be available to properly insulate your house.
146) Government assistance for energy efficient windows.
147)Try to talk your local heating company into a better deal for you.
148) Wrap water heater with insulator.
149) Wrap heat ducts with duct tape!
150) Use an area rug over wood floors to help insulate.
151) Lay a towel in front of outside doors to block drafts.
152) Space heaters can be used at night in a bed room to keep one room warmer.
153) Look for heating assistance programs in your area.
154) If you don't have a finished basement than don't heat it.
155) Turn down heat at night 5-10 degrees.
156) Keep air filters clean to allow proper ventilation and air passage.
157) Schedule a checkup on all heating appliances to make sure efficiency is kept up.


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    13) Wireless internet? see if you can pull off a neighbors signal for free! This is not stealing if the source is open. (caution, some do not approve). One of the best routers is Linksys by Cisco WRT54GL Wireless-G Broadband Router (Compatible with Linux) tankless water heater vs tank

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