Being aware of your usage needs to become a habit. Turning off lights when not in a room or just opening the fridge or freezer less often will reduce your bills.
  1. Compact fluorescent lamps (CFL's).
  2. Energy-efficient appliances.
  3. Programmable thermostats.
  4. Unplug Lights and TV's not being used from wall.
  5. Turn Lights off in not using them.
  6. Use Natural Sun Light.
  7. Solar outdoor lights for walk way or motion lights.
  8. Shut down the computer at night, and sleep mode during the day.
  9. Set auto payments charged to your credit card, less time paying bills and no stamps to be used.
  10. Be aware of how much you use and try to consume less each month.
  11. Don`t leave the TV on when you have watched what you want to watch.
Cooking and Baking
  1. Cover all food being cooked with proper lid, this reduces cook time.
  2. Don't preheat oven longer than needed.
  3. If using the oven try to cook as much as possible in it to maximize heat usage.
  4. Use the microwave when ever possible as it consumes much less energy.
Refrigerator/ Freezer
  1. Only open for quick amounts of time.
  2. Keep freezer and refrigerator full as this helps insulate.
  3. Defrost freezer if ice build up occurs..
  4. Keep refrigerator and freezer away from heat sources like stove and out of direct sun light.
  5. Check for cold air leaks and replace seal if needed.
  6. If you will not be using for a long period of time than unplug and and empty.


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