- If you insist on having cable or even Digital:

  1. Take the package deal! (At the end of the term be sure to keep an eye on your bill, it will be going up)
  2. At the end of your contract tell them you are switching to a new provider unless they can match a deal.
  3. Only request certain channels, don't pay for channels you don't watch.
  4. Usually satellite providers are less expensive. Direct TV and DISH Network
  5. Trial periods are sometimes offered, take advantage as they are FREE!
  6. Always negotiate a lower price!
  7. Use rabbit ears or a powered indoor/outdoor antenna with your digital TV.
  8. Switch from one provider to the next and use the new customer deals until the expire, than switch back.
  9. Don't pay for HBO, use Net Flix to catch all of your late night shows and seasons.
  10. Question any fees on your bill you are not aware of.


  1. Anonymous // April 16, 2009 at 2:52 PM  

    This is not savings cost its a negotiation process and it is becoming harder to even work with the companies under guidelines like this. They will drop you on a threat they dont flip flop anymore and if you do get dropped by a provider that you enjoyed being with.... well then good luck getting back they don't offer you any deals!!

  2. Frugal Joe // April 16, 2009 at 2:59 PM  

    Your right! It is much harder to preform this negotiation as providers are less willing to just lower prices. You will have better luck using competitors offers as a stand to possibly receive a better package or programming line up.

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