Meter your water usage and find other easy ways to cut back on your water bill.
  1. When rinsing dishes use the spray as the faucet will use more and cover less dish.
  2. Go to your water company website to see discounts on products that use less water.
  3. Only use the dish washer when full.
  4. Save Gray water! Gray water is water wasted in times for example you wait for the hot water to run in the shower, Save this water and use it for boiling, watering flowers or
  5. watering your garden.
  6. The old saying " If it's yellow let it mellow, if it's brown flush it down"
  7. Take showers instead of baths.
  8. Take shorter showers.
  9. Turn water off when not using it.
  10. Do larger loads of laundry less frequently.
  11. Check for any leaks.
  12. Buy an instant hot water heater. Much more efficient and instant hot water. Look for tax rebates on these.
  13. When it rains have buckets outside to use for future garden watering.
  14. Always be conscious of the water usage, being aware saves gallons a day.
  15. Does your shower head leak or drip?
  16. Have an old toilette? Purchase a fill cycle diverter for under 1 dollar and save a 1.2 gallon per flush. It will refill your tank quicker using less water.
  17. Keep buckets outside when it rains, save for later use to garden.
  18. Buy a smaller diameter hose maybe 5/8 instead of 3/4 to allow less water to pass.
  19. If washing your vehicle, do a quick rinse, fill a bucket to use for soap and water and than quickly rinse. Pressure washers may work better but your carbon imprint will be much less if using a hose and nozzle.
  20. Repair any leaky faucets.
  21. Sort washer loads by weight and fabric type for efficiency.
  22. Wash only when a full load is ready.
  23. Dry only fulls loads.


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