My favorite site to find bargains is Slick Deals !

Constantly updated everyday are deals that surround us everyday that we don't know about. It's like having a million eyes on the market all entered to one site, your bound to find many great deals and some price mistakes that are honored. Thousands of deals are found a day but only some make it to the daily deals.

The site is easy to navigate-

  • Enter the home page and take a look at the dark blue head lines where you will see today's date and prior days. These headlines show us all the deals that were "hot" for the that days date.

  • As you run your mouse over each deal it will highlight blue.
-To see the deal in deeper detail click the post and now the deal details are able to be seen (clicking the deal again will close the details).

- In the details you will see comments from others and where the actual deal is located (reading comments is very helpful).
Up and coming "Hot" topics are located on the right.

- These are deals that are about to be listed on where you were just looking under a certain day of the week.

- Sometimes you can score a deal that may be limited before others as not everyone looks at the hot deals.

Slick deals has built relationships with some vendors that just going to a another link through slick deals will get you more money off!

This site is very frugal and has found me many free things.


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