2009-2010 purchases of a NEW pellet stove that is 75% efficient qualifies for up to $1,500 back at tax season!

After making the purchase, simply download and print the official Manufacturer’s Certificate, which indicates that the product qualifies for the tax credit. You can rely on the certificate when preparing your tax return. It is not required that you submit the certificate or a product sales receipt to the government when filing your taxes, but the IRS requires that you retain them in your personal tax records.

Biomass Stove

Stove which burns biomass fuel to heat a home or heat water.

Thermal efficiency rating of at least 75% as measured using a lower heating value.

30% of cost, up to $1,5001

Many pellet stoves qualify for the credit which makes it very appealing. Unlike a wood stove a pellet stove does not need a chimney and burns much cleaner. Pellet stoves are a direct vent set up. This means a stainless steel pipe will go right from the stove through the wall to outside, very simple set up.

Pellet stove research is not easy. There is no one site that has all the stoves to review so you have to take your time. To narrow down your search the first thing you have to do is figure out
what amount of square feet are you looking to heat? The second is your budget. Pellet stoves sell from $1,300 to $5,000. I searched from online to local dealers to retail chains like Lowe's and Home depot. I will explain my pellet stove decision on the next blog.

Pellets in NH are selling in the early season from $250 a ton to $300 a ton. A typical full season of burning will consume about 3 tons. This is a drastic price reduction from propane.

**Please be sure to verify if the pellet stove you are looking to buy qualifies for the tax credit.**


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