Our first Winter season here in NH propane cost us a little over $1,800. Propane was our only heating source and ran about 22 hours day and set at 64-68 degrees so we were never warm and comfy. We needed another option and the biomass tax credit was the answer.

Here is how I made my Frugal Purchase

I ended up going to Lowe's. I feel more comfortable buying from a chain store knowing if I had a dilemma they would help me. They are also local and I'm there 3 times a week (I know, not to frugal).

The stove was $2,199. Summers 49-SHCPM

  • Using a 10% off coupon saved me $200. These are mover coupons found at USPS or mail ordered from here.
  • I took advantage of the 0% finance for 6mo on the Lowe's credit card. My plan is prior to the end of 6 months when the balance is due I would have already been refunded my 600 dollars or 30% from the tax rebate. Than paying in full of course.
  • I skipped out on delivery and picked it up myself. Saved 65 dollars.
  • Another way to save more money is buy Lowe's/ Home depot gift cards off craigslist for less than face value ( do at your own risk and only buy if you have them verified at the store and you use them right away). Remember you still get the 30% back on the purchase price.

So after the tax credit the stove will cost $1,400. Along with 3 tons of pellets for a going price of $269 this year will cost $2,207. After 3 years I will have saved $1,500 and every year after a thousand dollars will be saved.


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