Summer 49-SHCPM Pellet stove Install

This DIY we will be using a Simpson Duravent #3300 kit. Purchased through Amazon, please see ad at bottom.

This kit is used for wood pellet burning only! If corn and cherry pits will be burned please purchase the Dura Vent 3300. This kit is Stainless steel both inside and outside where as the #3000 is stainless inside and galvanized outside.

3-inch Pellet Kit contains:

Tee with clean-out plug
Wall thimble
Pipe adapter
5 sections of 12 inch pipe
90 deg. elbow
Outside Pipe Wall strap

This install will be a corner placed pellet stove.

Steps to install Piping. (please see manual for proper installation). All pipes can be twist locked, additional sealing is not needed besides the adapter pipe attached to the stove and any other pipe that may not be able to be locked due to an offset install. All piping inside the house is spray painted black with Hi Temp Rust-Oleum

Unfortunately we had to cut a stud to make the thimble fit in the wall. With some time and a saws all we fit the thimble.

Due to limitations of installing strait through the wall behind the stove, the vertical pipe will be inside the house.

The outside thimble was mounted over vinyl siding. Installing over vinyl siding did not look good as it was not flush. This was a easy fix. Using 4inch screws were needed to reach interior wood.

1) Mount the thimble over the vinyl.
2) Outline in pencil around the thimble.
3) cut out the vinyl siding, underneath you should see thick foam insulation.
4) Place the thimble in the cut out section and make sure it fits, trim if necessary.
5) With clear outdoor caulking fill in around the square thimble and vinyl siding. I used DAP Clear Alex Ultra 230.

The inside thimble does NOT need to be flush mounted. Use black heat temp caulking to seal around inside thimble and pipe where a gap has been left (smooth out with a plastic bag wrapped over your finger).

Outside air kit and Dura Vent air kit.


  1. Anonymous // April 14, 2011 at 12:33 PM  

    No J-channel? Eggghhhh

  2. Unknown // November 28, 2012 at 7:45 AM  

    Nice install. I plan to do the very same thing. Question, the 90 degree at the top... due to the install angle was that able to lock or did you seal it? what sealer did you use?

  3. Frugal Joe // December 3, 2012 at 3:34 AM  

    Thank you. From memory (we no longer have the stove) it locked but I also used a high temp silicon seal. You can somewhat see where it was applied by the photo and the shiny black ring around the pipe.

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