I love to barter and deal. If you enjoy trading selling and buying this is an easy way to fulfill some self needs of your own. Buying things makes anyone feel better and why not make a buying experience a time to recoup some extra cash?

To do this you may need some extra money lying around. Maybe a small amount lets start with $50 dollars. Go to Craig's list, select your state and begin the search. I use keywords to locate sellers in need of cash.

Key words:

Need to sell, Need money, Today only, Desperate, Pay bills

These keywords will usually bring you to those who are in need of money. Scroll through the listings and look for items that usually sell fast. Gaming systems, cell phone , I-pods are big sellers, electronics are a good place to start if you know what to look for. You want an item to quickly sell and to be of value to many people. I have great sense of what things are worth and you can become familiar with this also by seeing what others are selling the same item for. Go to Ebay, look at completed listing of the same item. Do a Google search and see what they sell for new using the shopping tab.

The next step is bartering. Read further on my blog post on How to Barter. Also see Craigs List Scams and Craigs List Vs. Ebay

Once you strike that deal and make the buy the next step is crucial. It's time to make money for your purchase. You may be thinking that this is not possible to make money from something you just bought, why wouldn't everyone else do it right? Most people don't barter and know how to talk there way into deals. Being in sales I have learned there is always a "Yes" behind the "No".

For example: seller is looking for 80 dollars for the item.

Me- " I have come across your craigs list post for a "_____" I will be in you area today and have cash. Is this still for sale?

Seller - "yes" This is still for sale.

Me- "Great, I can afford to pay 40. I know you state the item is in great condition however 40 is just about what I was looking to pay.

Seller- " I'm sorry, I cannot accept 40.

Me- " I Understand. Since I can meet today and am very interested would you accept 50? I believe that price is fair to both of us.

At this point you may receive a "yes" or "no". If the answer is no than move along and barter else where. Never go over your limit. Let's say the seller said yes and it was a local convenient place to meet not out of your way. Now it's time to resell, your internet savvy so you know what this item is worth. Remember that craigs list is local so your market is not as wide spread. If you luck reselling is not as you expected revert to E-bay and make more money back that way.

If this is not your cup of tea than look around and sell some of the stuff lying around your house. I see easily see $50 dollars worth of items on my desk I could unload.


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