1) Use programmable Thermostats.
2) Energy efficient Boilers and water heaters.
3) Burn Wood.
4) Use a pellet Stove, most cost effective heating source available.
5) When it's sunny keep the window shades up.
6) Dress in layers during winter months to stay warmer.
7) Keep doors closed where rooms may not be used much.
8) Turn Heat off during months its not needed.
9) Make sure your home has up to date insulation in walls.
10) After cooking dinner open the stove door and let the heat disperse.
11) Use an electric blanket (please do reviews before buying).
12) Government assistance may be available to properly insulate your house.
13) Government assistance for energy efficaint windows.
14)Try to talk your local heating company into a better deal for you.
15) Wrap water heater with insulator.
16) Wrap heat ducts with duct tape!
17) Use an area rug over wood floors to help insulate.
18) Lay a towel in front of outside doors to block drafts.
19) Space heaters can be used at night in a bed room to keep one room warmer.
20) Look for heating assistance programs in your area.
21) If you don't have a finished basement than don't heat it.
22) Turn down heat at night 5-10 degrees.
23) Keep air filters clean to allow proper ventilation and air passage.
24) Schedule a checkup on all heating appliances to make sure efficiency is kept up.


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