You don't Need to complete your contract 100%

What if your cell phone is over warranty and breaks, must you spend full retail price on a cell phone? Most cell phones come with a standard 1 year warranty from the manufacturer, after that one year you are on your own unless you pay 5.99 a month for Verizon protection. A one year contract is fulfilled 10 months into term and 20 months with a two year term. Once this contract month is reached you are eligible to upgrade and receive your New Ever two discount which maybe $50 or $100.

Most 2 year contract holders may not know this. After 1 year of your contract is fulfilled you are able to upgrade and renew your new contract and pay the regular phone price. This is not an extension to your contract but a brand new contract. The only downfall is you are not able to use your New Every Two discount. This is a fine option for those who need to upgrade due to a broken phone or to those who would like a new phone early.

Check out Verizon's daily deals. They offer a cell phone for a discounted price lower than the every day 2 year contract price. Also keep on the look out at "The Last Chance" offers where phones are discounted where they are being replaced by newer models.

When changing phones Verizon's back up assistant is a very important app to have on any phone.

Download the app by Menu -> Get it now -> Tools on the go ->Back up assistant.

It will back up all contacts you have listed on your phone. This is free when you have an online account with Verizon, otherwise it is $1.99 a month. Even if you phone is lost, stolen or completely does not work your contacts are all safely stored. They can be managed on your Verizon online account. When activating a new phone, you download the back up assistant and your contacts will be copied to your new phone.


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