Planning to shop at your favorite electronic store? Use the frugal gift card savings method.

How many gift cards have you bought for others or have been given to yourself as a gift? A gift card ties you down to spend at the one location and some of us rather the cash. What happens to all those gift cards that those of us don't want and rather the cash for? The answer is E-bay and Craig s List. An easy frugal tip for any buying occasion, no matter how big or small is this. 

Gift cards are for sale less than face value on our favorite web sites. On E-bay, expect a 10% savings off the face value of the card. If you are accustomed to Craig s List than get ready for a 30 to 50% savings off face value. Now you can afford your LCD or Plasma TV purchase with a couple simple steps. Pair this savings up with a coupon and your savings could be much greater.

Always verify your gift cards balance at the time of purchase and for Craig s List purchase, meet at a store to verify the balance.


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