Blue Cash® American Express
  •  Get up to 5% cash back at supermarkets, gas stations, and drugstores, plus up to 1.25% cash back for all your other purchases
  • 1% cash back on all other purchases.
  • No Annual fee and no limit to cash back.
The offers look generous and can be if you’re a big spender. One American express card that doesn't charge an annual fee and looks flashy out of the wallet is this Blue Cash card. The 5% cash back caught my eye as it does yours. Being a frugal credit card user I like to charge everything to earn cash back, free money when you pay it off each month so the 5% sounds great. Well don’t forget that it says “up to 5%”. To earn the 5% cash back you MUST spend $6,500 that very same day. I had a chat (below) with the customer service Rep “Mo”.  Any sort of free cash back is frugal and this may still be a top rated cash back card but don’t let the 5% fool you. 

  I will be in search for the best cash back credit card available to you and explore the fine print.

Please wait while we contact the next available agent...
You are now speaking with Mo!
Mo: Thank you for contacting American Express. My name is Mo, how may I help you?
you : Hi Mo,
Mo: Hello, thank you for contacting American Express application department. Which personal card were you interested in today?
you : I have a question concerning the 5% cash back on the blue express
Mo: Yes, what questions can I assist you with today?
you : It says boost your cash back up to 5%, is this 5% obtained when you have put 6,500 dollars on your card in one month or the annual yearly amount?
Mo: If you spend between $0 - $6,500 you will receive 1% back for everyday spend locations 0.5 % back for everything else If you spend between $6,500.01 or more you will receive 5 % back for everyday spend locations 1.25 % back for everything else.
you : So be it one (1) purchase that needs to exceed $6,500?
Mo: Yes, it must be an Every day spend purchase.
you : Understood Mo, thank you for your time


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