Why does Comcast keeps their economy cable internet offer quiet? Because 8 of 10 customers are over paying for high speed internet every month. You could be saving $30 a month on internet right now. The economy option is cheaper and fast enough for your needs.
The Economy package doesn't limit your internet usage or what sites you can visit but rather just lowers your internet speed. Priced at only 19.95 per month (not a promo rate) it is a frugal way to have high speed internet and save money! Don't pay $60 a month for Comcast's high speed internet if your not really putting it to use. Keep the money in your wallet and out of corporate Americas pocket. If you must have the need to stream video and Live TV the Economy may not be for you unless money savings is more important. 
Moreover for the average user the change is not noticed from 12mbps to 1mbps for normal internet usage.   Regularly used applications like Face book, G-mail and Google are all as fast as before but you will notice a longer time with downloading and up loading, minutes difference, not hours . For $30 a month savings I can wait an extra minute or two for a download. Call Comcast now and make the change, if it's not for you than go back to super high speed that is just a phone call away.  8 of 10 internet users are overpaying for internet speed that is unnecessary. Don't be one of them.


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