Boost my own Economy Checklist.

From now on I will not: 

4.Drive a gas guzzler
5.Dine out
6.Go to movies

7.Buy extended cable                                                                  
8.Buy name brands
9.Go out to clubs
11.Buy news papers or magazines
12.Wash clothes in hot water

What I will do from now on is: 
1.Drive a car that gets at least 20 mpg
2.Dine in
3.Check out free movies and music at the library
4.Get basic cable for 20 bucks
5.Buy generic when it is good.
6.Drive the speed limit
7.Go to the museum
8.Go to the free concerts
9.Go to art shows, also free
10.Take a hike
11.Go fishing
12.Go camping
13.Go canoeing
14.Wash my clothes in cold water
15.Go to the park for a walk and a picnic
16.Fly a kite

Please share what your plans are for boosting your economy.
Still spend money but now It just goes further and gets spread around and to even more people thus stimulating the economy.


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