1) If you end up with a brown sugar brick. Place the brown sugar on aluminum foil, fold over and cover. heat in oven at 350 degrees for 5 minutes and your brown sugar will be fresh and like new, no more hard brick.

2) Out of fabric softener? Use foil rolled into a ball and dry as normal. Foil attracts all the static that normally would be on your clothes in the dryer.  You can use this same ball over and over.

3)  Refinish you furniture with a Vintage Patina Look. - Link to Life Hacker

4)To improve your ironing board remove the iron cloth. Layer aluminum foil over the top half and then replace the iron cloth a sit normally would be.  The foil will help retain heat and help iron the bottom of your clothes.

5) Dull scissors? Cut through multiple layers of aluminum foil 4-6 times. It will sharpen any pair of scissors. 

6) In need of a grilled cheese and only have an iron and foil handy? Wrap up your grilled cheese and heat it up with a iron by placing the iron on top while keeping pressure on the sandwich. Iron both sides and you have a ready to eat and hot grilled cheese. 

7) Keep in mind if cooking with foil you can wash and reuse it. Gently lay the foil on your counter and with warm water and soap wash the foil. Let dry and re-use

8) Deter your pets. Placing tin foil on counter tops and tables will keep you cat away. The sound will alarm the cat. With one jump on the slippery foil they will not want to try it again.  

9) Apply hair highlights using tin foil. - Link to Essortment.com

10) Make a tin foil hat!


  1. Anonymous // December 19, 2010 at 6:05 PM  

    Well now that I think of it, not that I ever had before but I will be making better use of the left over tin foil we use. Thank you!

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