Tips To Cut The Fat and Save
When budgets are tight the focus on cost effective savings is important. Living lean is an expression I use when trying to cut costs. The more lean the better. Visualize paying per pound for a steak that's primarily fat vs. paying for a nice lean cut that has more actual steak on it. The lean steak you will be getting more meat for your money. "Trim the fat and save the money". It's kind of amusing when you start to create money saving expressions for ways to cut costs, they become a code to live by and really help you out. Once you can visualize this fatty steak and ways to trim the fat you will end up finding savings on everything you do on a daily basis.
Incorporating this perspective into your daily life style will no doubt start saving you money. There is a less expensive way to do anything and everything. For example if you buy any type of drink; be it water, soda, coffee or juice each day your spending too much! Make your own coffee, drink a juice for breakfast and never pay for water! Bring a bottle to work, refill it at work. If you don't have access to water (maybe you live in the dessert) take enough for the day. You see, "cut the fat". The list can go on and on so if you want to have more money you need to find ways to cut back. You can still live, but live smarter!


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